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Building Strong Character through Competition 

The AMA believes in making a tournament a pleasurable experience for all of our participants. We can achieve this by providing many more activities, free events and new challenging divisions for our youth and adults to participate in. Making sure that all of our participants leave with a sense of accomplishment, by either leaving a winner or on the path to becoming one. Whether you win or lose, the AMA wants you to find your personal victory in knowing that you truly tried your best. Be true to one’s self by examining your mistakes, correct them and come back expecting to win. We build a Champion's attitude in everything we do. These free events are to inspire, challenge and motivate our youth to train for great things, do great things to achieve greatness.

Participation Medals

The American Martial Arts Association strongly believes in giving participation medals to all kids 12 years old and younger, not to reward them for losing, but rewarding them for trying their very best. Everything the AMA promotes is always about building a strong character not destroying future potential. Losing is tough enough, and losing your interest is very easy when the losses start piling up. Understanding the difference between winning and losing is a very important life lesson. However, only praising and rewarding the winners could have damaging effects on those who have lost, particularly young athletes.  Giving everyone involved some level of recognition goes a long way in building confidence and inspiring future success. That’s why the AMA has created its own Free Events. The AMA hopes these events will build a child’s self-confidence so that everyone will leave with a sense of accomplishment.   

Free Events Rules & Regulations

Participants are still required to follow Tournament Rules and Regulations, (see Tournament Conduct)

which includes:

1. It is not mandatory for every child to participate in these events.

2. The beginning of each event:

  • Before competition begins in a ring, a judge will walk over and introduce the event.

  • An explanation and demonstration will be given concerning the event.

3. Free events are for participants 12 years and younger.

4. The ability to follow instructions.

Free Events Divisions:

Best Kick (Free event)

It’s just what it sounds like. Before competition begins in a ring, a judge may walk over and ask for all competitors who would like to compete in demonstrating a certain kick. The best-demonstrated kick wins a medal.

The criteria for judging:

  • The execution of the technique based on his or her rank (belt color).

  • Speed

  • The ability to follow instructions

Flexibility (Free event)

We all know the importance of flexibility in the martial arts. The increased range of motion allows you to kick higher and move better. The AMA will give a child a medal if he/she can perform a full split. 

  • No hesitation and hold the proper position for 10 seconds.

  • A proper demonstration of how to execute the split will be given before the competition.

  • You will be given 30 seconds to warm up.

  • Legs and midsection must be completely touching the ground with no yelling.

  • Absolutely no assistance. The split must be performed completely by yourself.   

Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Dips (Free event)

Push-ups, Sit-ups, and Dips are great exercises for developing strength and is also used for the conditioning of a fighter. 

  • Once a participant has stopped or fails to perform the exercise correctly, the participant's turn will end and their count will be recorded.

  • Male and females cannot compete together.

  • You must be able to perform the exercise properly to receive count credit. 

  • A proper demonstration on how to execute each exercise will be given before the competition.

  • No locking your arms out or extra body movements allowed. You must start and continue at a moderate pace until told to stop or you stop.

  • The judge will tell you when to start.

  • Besides receiving a medal, the participant who does the most push-ups out of all participants at the tournament will receive a certificate stating how many push-ups he/she has done. Their name will also be posted on the AMA Website.

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