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The UMA would greatly appreciate it if you pre-register any groups of five or more. By doing this we can assign your group an area, as well as giving us an estimated count on how many people will attend the tournament.

We ask that all groups remain together and all children under 14 are chaperoned at all times.


Proof of Age:

If there is a legitimate reason to question a competitor’s age, he/she must present proof of age with acceptable documents (Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, and School ID). Participants under 18 must be registered by a parent or legal guardian.

Age Rule:

Each competitor must compete at the age he/she is at the time of the tournament.

Belt Rank Rule:

A competitor must compete at the highest belt level he or she has earned. A competitor cannot compete in a division where he/she has not earned or passed that rank, REGARDLESS OF CURRENT RANK. Immediate disqualification will occur if you are found to be in violation of the rule. If a competitor competes in an event he/she has not registered or qualified for, because of age, weight, gender, or belt rank he/she will be disqualified and all awards will be forfeited.



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