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This division's type of competition will consist of a participant striking a pad, with a sensor inside measuring the participant's speed and striking power.

Rules of this event:

  • A group of 6 no less than 4 participants will be categorized by age, weight, belt rank, and gender (male and female participants cannot compete together).

  • You will hit a target 3 times with 3 different strikes. Each strike will be done separately and your hardest recorded hit will count as your score.

  • You will have 10 seconds to complete your 3 strikes. You have 30 seconds to complete all 3 sets of strikes.

  • Weight categories may be combined due to the number of participants.

  • Participants at the same belt level must perform the same 3 strikes. The strikes will be based upon the participant's belt level or experience.

  • The judge will inform you of what strikes you will perform from the list below.

  • There can be no momentum generating movements, such as spinning or pushing off anything unless the strike requires that kind of movement.

  • If there is a tie, the two participants will be given a mystery strike that will be based upon their belt rank or experience.

  • All strikes will be voted on by all competitors of this event. You can only vote on the strikes that are in your category. 

  • Upon registering you will be given a voting slip to determine what strikes will be used in your belt category.  The top 3 voted strikes will be used in the competition.

  • All participants must be able to perform all required strikes listed for their belt category.

  • If a participant's strike misses or fails to hit the center of the target, that strike will still count as a turn. If you only hit the pad one time successfully, that hit will be your final score (no makeup strikes and no exceptions).

Striking Techniques:

1. Front punch (Jab, Head level)

2. Reverse punch (Head level)

3. Hook punch (Head level)

4. Ridge hand (Head level)

5. Push kick (Chest level)

6. Roundhouse kick (Chest level)

7. Sidekick (Stomach level)

8. Spinning sidekick (Stomach level)

9. Spin kick (Head level)

Striking levels will be determined by the participant's body frame.

Weight Classes:

The winner of each weight class will receive a trophy and a certificate with their power score.

  • 100 -115

  • 116 - 130

  • 131 - 145

  • 146 - 160

  • 161 - 175

  • 176 - 190

  • 191 - 205

  • 206 - up

If there is a need to combine participants, color belts can only compete against the next two belt levels higher than their own belt color. All black belts no matter the degree will compete together.

The highest power score for each weight class over the entire year of all the AMA tournaments thrown will receive a trophy and a certificate of their score. That participant will be inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame for the highest power score of that year.

All AMA’s competition divisions shall be governed by the above rules and regulations. All competitions will be supervised by trained AMA tournament officials. The rules listed above must be respected, applied and adhered to. The Competitors, Instructors or any other agents must follow all rules and regulations pertaining to their conduct at the tournament or event. Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion from the event and all awards forfeited.

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