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Membership Enrollment

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When you become a member of the United Martial Arts Federation’s family, you become a part of an organization that is committed to helping others achieve their goals. We also provide assistance to less fortunate children. The UMA values all of our member’s opinions and suggestions and we greatly appreciate your support in our events.  We can represent what the martial arts truly mean in an effort to bring us all together in the exchanging of ideas, philosophies, training, and competition. We can become one and still practice our individual style. The benefits of our membership is unity.


Your annual membership fee helps the UMA sponsor less fortunate children to participate in martial arts or boxing lessons. The UMA will continue to sponsor children as long as they continue with the program. We are currently looking for martial arts schools and boxing gyms to participate in our mentoring program. 


For more information about benefits of membership contact the main office at:

1-708-357-0819 or                                                         


  • Welcome Letter & Certificate of Membership 

  • Receive a monthly News Letter

  • Automatically enrolled in the Monthly Giveaways 

  • Members’ List 

  • Apply for our Black Belt Certification

  • Discount on store merchandise (5% to 10%).

  • Discount on Tournaments and Events entry fees (10%). 

  • Discounts on Referee classes and Referee License Renewal Classes (see Referee)

  • Discounts on Grant Writing Services

  • Participation in the voting process of future Hall of Fame inductees

  • Membership qualifies schools, gyms, and other martial art programs for the Appreciation Donation

  • The ability to vote on future Tournament Rules & Events

Welcome Letter & Certificate of Membership

The welcome letter is to show our gratitude for choosing to become a member of the UMA's family. A membership certificate enhances your martial arts qualifications by displaying that you are a member of a prominent organization. If you are a school owner the certificate tells future students that your school participates in tournament competitions.


Benefits of an UMA Newsletter

A monthly newsletter will keep you informed of the UMA’s current events. Enabling you or your organization to vote on future tournament rules and listing tournament winners. Your organization can inform others of your own martial arts orientated events, highlighting personal achievements and outstanding student contributions to their community. This is not just a newsletter for the UMA, but also for its members to keep in touch with the martial arts community. Whether you are an individual or a school owner this newsletter can be beneficial to you. This is one of the ways the UMA is trying to bridge the gap between martial arts Styles and Systems.

  • All information must be sent at least two months prior to the event.

  • All stories must come with the writer’s contact number for story verification, or if more information is needed.

  • You or your organization may submit an article.

  • Participate in surveys.

  • Call the number listed above for more information about submitting an article.


UMA Monthly Giveaways

The United Martial Arts Federation would like to show our appreciation to all of our members by giving away a gift every month. The gift can be training equipment, martial art weapons, uniforms or t-shirts). As a member, you are automatically entered into the monthly giveaway done by a random draw. Each month the contest winner will be announced on the 20th day on the UMA’s website. After the winner is chosen, then he/she will be posted on the UMA’s contest winner's page. Please read all the rules and regulations regarding this.

  • All entries must include your name, contact number, proof of age and full address. To receive a weapon you must be 18 and older. Clothing items will require your size.

  • You can only win once in a calendar year.

  • You will have 24 hours to contact us at the number listed above if your name is announced as the winner.

  • Go to Contest, Awards & Events and scroll down to Giveaway Winner's Section for the announcement of the winners.

Member’s List

Being on our member's list page this can help you get in touch with other instructors or schools (networking) that practice the same or a different martial art style. Being listed on the Membership’s Listing Page could enhance your advertising mobility and Martial Arts credibility.


Black Belt Certification

All individual members who hold a black belt no matter the style are eligible to apply for the UMA's Black Belt Certification certificate. You will be given a testing date and tested by Skype. The UMA Black Belt Testing Committee will be judging your test. The committee consists of highly accomplished and renowned Martial Arts Instructors. Be ready to display your ability and answer questions pertaining to your style and self defense situations. This is another way that the UMA is trying to bridge gaps between styles and systems. You must present your black belt certification in order to apply. The UMA reserves the right to disqualify any applicant for reasons including but not limited to falsification of documents. To apply use contact number 1708-357-0819.

Grant Writing Service

The AMA has a team of grant writers ready to serve you and your business. The cost of this service is $150 for members and $300 for non members. For more information call this number 1-708-357-0819.

Appreciation Donation

The United Martial Arts Federation would like to show our appreciation to the schools, gyms, and other martial arts programs that are members and have supported our tournaments, seminars, and other functions by donating $1,000 to an active martial arts school or program by a random drawing. We appreciate your support and participation in making our events a success. We definitely understand that it is hard work to run a school or gym. The many responsibilities it entails, the fluctuation of school attendance, the soaring price of insurance among the many other bills, tasks and responsibilities that it takes to be a successful school or gym owner. We hope this donation can truly help lighten the load. Winner will be posted on November 1st. on the contest winner's page.

The AMA’s Self-Defense Home Study Course

You will receive a discount on our Home Study Course. You will be taught Progressive Martial Arts. Different martial arts instructors have come together to make one style: Boxing, Tae-kwon-do, Muay Thai, and Grappling. This could be for the experienced martial artist as well as a beginner. For more information use contact number 1-708-357-0819

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Gold Membership 

6 members 

$15.00 per person yearly membership fee.

To receive the gold membership discount 6 people are required for membership and renewal acceptance. 

Silver Membership 

4 members 

$20.00 per person yearly membership fee

To receive the silver membership discount 4 people are required for membership and renewal acceptance. 

Bronze Membership

2 members 

$25.00 per person yearly membership fee

To receive the Bronze membership discount 2 people are required for membership and renewal acceptance. 

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