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Vendor's Booth and Advertisement


This application is for businesses or individuals who want to display/sell their products or service at the United Martial Arts Federation's tournaments or other functions. The fee for reserving a booth space (booth table size: 72-inch x 30-inch) is $50 for the whole day, from 9 AM to completion of tournament or event, and additional booth space can be reserved for $50.00 each. Booth exhibitors are required to bring their own booth tables and chairs. A booth exhibitor could bring 2 banners, one banner to be displayed behind the booth table and another banner to be attached to the booth table. The width of both banners are limited to the width of the booth table.

Businesses or individuals could also purchase one or multiple 1/6 page advertisement spaces (4.25-inch width x 3.66-inch height) of a standard full-size page (8.5-inch width x 11-inch height) in the tournament’s booklet for $25.00 per 1/6 page advertisement space. The booklet will be handed out to all the participants at the event. To reserve one or multiple booth spaces and/or to purchase advertisement space, please fill out the application form below. For the advertisement, please send in your artwork.

UMA Vending Booth Rental Agreement


Vendor's Name: _____________________________________________

Business Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City, ________________________   State, ______________ Zip, ______

Phone: (      ) - _____-______

Product(s) being sold & Description:  ________________________


Requested Time In Hours:    1   2   3   4   5   Half Day   or Whole Day  (circle one)

Number of spaces desired: 1   2   3 (circle one)

Vendor responsibilitie

* All vendors must maintain a clean work area.

* All vendors must be courteous to all guests.

* There can only be 2 workers per booth. 

* All vendors are responsible for their own table, chairs and      banners.

* All banners and advertisements must be pre-approved by      the AMA.

* All vendors are required to clean their area before leaving.

The United Martial Arts Federation holds the vendor liable for keeping their area clean and the products they sell. The UMA will not be held responsible for injuries sustained present or future from any product that was purchased from a vendor at an UMA tournament.

Vendor's Signature__________________________________________


Date ________________

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