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 Tournament classification

Tournament classification is determined by which championships, divisions and the number of competitors attending the tournament.

1. "Class Gold" These Tournaments will host all World, Regional, and State

      Championship matches, also all UMA's open divisions. Due to the size of these              tournaments they usually have the most competitors which make the

      competition level rise immensely. The number of schools expected to attend are 

      recorded from the past competitor's attendance in these tournaments.

3. "Class Silver" These Tournaments can host only Regional Championship matches          and all UMA's competition divisions. Check tournament listings to see what

       divisions are offered.

4. "Class Bronze" These Tournaments are smaller events. Tournaments with usually 5

       or 6 schools attending. Most Bronze events are seminars followed by a    

       tournament. The only two divisions offered in bronze events are Kumite and Kata.


Rules and regulations

*    UMA 's 3 Championship Titles: Regional/State/World Championships

*    All World and State Championship black belts competitors must provide proof of         black belt ranking to compete.

*    There will be only one World Championship tournament thrown a year.

*    All-State Championship competitors must reside in the state they're competing in.

*    Class A Gold tournaments may be a two-day event. Check tournament listing.

*    Every tournament will host these two events Point Sparring (Kumite) and Open

      Forms (Kata). Check tournament listings for other divisions or events offered.

*    All-Championship Divisions are approved and sanctioned through the AMA's

      Sanctioning Director, William R. Brown.

*    The UMA's tournament year will begin on February 1st and ends on November 1st.       The last event of the year will be the UMA's Award banquet.

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