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Safety Equipment:

Mandatory Safety Equipment:                                                                                          (Examples only) , not endorsing any brand





-Groin cup

-Foot protector

Safety Equipment:

It is mandatory that all sparring competitors wear proper safety equipment

such as Headgear, Hand and Feet Pads, Groin cups, and Mouthpieces. The

competitor’s equipment will be checked by the referee. If the equipment is

found to be worn, torn or missing straps, any foreign objects making it

unsafe for competition, the competitor will have to immediately exchange

the damaged piece of equipment or be disqualified (see Time Delay). 

The approval or denial of all safety equipment is determined by the Referee.



1. Hand Pads; (Mandatory) a soft padded surface must cover all striking surfaces of the hand.

2. Foot Pads; (Mandatory) a soft padded surface must cover all striking surfaces of the foot. The bottom of the foot does not have to be               covered.

3. Headgear; (Mandatory) the sides and back of the head must be covered by a soft padded surface. (Optional) A clear plastic facing that             covers the face to protect the competitor’s face against strikes.

4. Mouthpiece:  (Mandatory) must fit securely in the competitor’s mouth.


Recommended safety equipment:

(Optional) Chest protectors for women, Shins, elbow, and knee pads are recommended for additional safety in sparring division, but not required.

Competitors are required to wear all Mandatory Safety Equipment at all times during a match. The round will not begin until all mandatory safety equipment is properly in place. If a mouthpiece becomes dislodged, or a hand or footpad strap should loosen, the referee will correct the problem at the proper time.




In the sparring division, all competitors must wear a complete uniform (top and bottom) sport or traditional uniforms in good wear. The appropriate color belt or sash must be worn during competition. No t-shirts, tank tops, or sweats allowed. No unapproved shoes can be worn. Shoes cannot damage or scar the tournament floor.

In other divisions such as katas, weapons katas, technique demonstrations, you have the option to wear t-shirts or sweatshirts. The t-shirts or sweatshirts must have your school’s logo, AMA logo or be plain; this also applies to shirts that will be worn underneath uniform. In the Shuriken Throwing division, it is mandatory for all participants to wear a T-shirt during competition. Long sleeves can be dangerous to the throwers as well as the spectators. The removal of the uniform top is allowed for artistic expression or the safety of the competitor and spectators.

  • Glasses are forbidden. Soft contact lenses can be worn at the contestant's own risk.

  • The wearing of unauthorized apparel, clothing or equipment is forbidden.

  • The use of bandages, padding, or supports because of injury must be approved by the Referee.

  • The maximum length of the jacket sleeves must be no longer than the bend of the wrist and no shorter than halfway down the forearm. Jacket sleeves may not be rolled up, Jacket ties must be tied. 

  • The pants must be long enough to cover at least two-thirds of the shin and must not reach below the anklebone. Trouser legs may not be rolled up.

  • The UMA Tournament Official may authorize the display of special labels or trademarks of approved sponsors.

Mandatory Safety Equipment for Weapons Sparring

-Headgear with face protector

-Neck protector (Optional)

-Groin protector

-Safety gloves must be open finger gloves enabling you to grip.

All UMA’s competition divisions shall be governed by the above rules and regulations. All competitions will be supervised by trained UMA tournament officials. The rules listed above must be respected, applied and adhered to. The Competitors, Instructors or any other agents must follow all rules and regulations pertaining to their conduct at the tournament or event. Failure to do so will result in immediate expulsion from the event and all awards forfeited.

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